Uniheat Self Adhesive Pain Relief Heat Pack

Uniheat Self Adhesive Pain Relief Heat Pack

Uniheat Self Adhesive Pain Relief Heat Pack

The Uniheat Self Adhesive 12 hour heat pack provides deep penetrating infra red heat for comforting pain relief. Portable discrete heating pad for back, shoulder, neck and other aches and pains.
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Uniheat multi function adhesive heat packs can be used for pain relief or simply to provide instant heat to a specific body part. A slimline self adhesive heat pack lasting 12 hours, providing discrete portable pain relief any time anywhere.


Simply open the pack, peel of the backing and attach the self adhesive side to the inner of your clothing for deep penetrating heat and pain relief. Perfect for back, shoulder, abdomen or neck aches and pains, indispensable for sufferers of arthritis.


Uniheat multi function adhesive heat packs are a pioneer in Natural Enhanced Adhesive heat packs.


The new formula with sea salt and salicylic acid harnesses their natural compounds for more effective pain relief. Sea salt has been linked to many health benefits including neutralization of toxins and pain relief.


Salicylic acid is the derivative of extracts from white willow bark, which had been used in China for centuries to relieve pain. Today, the extracts are taken as supplements to relieve acute and chronic pain, including headache, back and neck pain, muscle ache and discomfort from arthritis.



By applying sea salt and concentrated salicylic acid topically using UniHeat Adhesive Warmers, pain relief is more effective.Uniheat Self Adhesive heat packs release infrared heat, which penetrates deeply for more effective relaxation and pain relief. Thermal imaging performed on Uniheat warmers shows the presence of infrared heat which is natural heat, like that of the sun.

In a 2002 study published in the journal Spine, investigators at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey found that the continuous application of low level heat eased low back pain far more effectively than two common over-the-counter pain killers.

Uniheat distinguishes itself from other warmers that are artificially heated through the microwave, which subjects users to complications of radioactivity and cancer-causing free radicals. The adhesive backing of Uniheat Adhesive heat pack adheres to clothing wherever heat is needed and does not harm garments or irritate the skin.

Convenient for increasing local blood circulation to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, joint aches and cramps. Ideal for winter sports and cold weather activities.

Invaluable as an instant heat source in an emergency situation. Applied after reflexology and acupuncture to enhance treatment and can be used to continue heat treatment at home.

Portable, odourless, heat pack with no mess.

Long lasting heat pack - up to 12 hours plus.

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