Toe warmersToe warmers are self adhesive half moon shaped warmers.


Simply remove the pair of toe warmers from the packet, reveal the self adhesive backing and stick the toe warmer to the underneath of the sock under the toes.


One pair of self adhesive toe warmers per outer. Toe warmers are designed specifically to work within the enclosed area of a shoe or boot. Say goodbye to cold toes this winter.

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Heat Factory Toe Warmers

Toe warmers by Heat Factory. Toe warmers are designed to heat in the restricted air environment of a shoe or boot for up to 6 hours. The half moon shaped Toewarmer adheres to the bottom of your sock for instant heat.


Heat Factory Toe Warmers 40 pairs

Heat Factory toe warmers 40 pairs. Toe warmers are the answer to cold toes. Self adhesive for secure positioning on any socks. Soothing heat to your feet for up to six hours.

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