Heated thermal socks by Heat FactoryThermal socks by Heat Factory, instantly turned into heated socks with Heat Factory foot warmers. Say goodbye to cold feet this winter.


Special pockets over the toes hold slimline disposable foot warmers for heat to your feet in cold winter conditions.


Mens socks, knee high socks, thermal wader socks, mid calf, acrylic and wool socks.

Thermal Socks Feed - Thermal Socks

Heat Factory Heated Heavyweight Socks

Heated thermal socks by Heat factory featuring a plush Merino Wool Blend. The thermal socks have pockets over the toes which hold disposable foot warmers for instant additional heat in the coolest of conditions.


Heat Factory Heated Mid Calf Socks

Heat Factory wool blend thermal mid calf socks featuring a pocket over the toes to hold disposable foot warmers.


Heat Factory Thermal Acrylic Socks

Heat Factory heated thermal socks featuring a special pocket over the toes to hold slimline foot warmers.


Heated Thermal Wader Socks

The Heat Factory heated thermal wader sock ensures your feet stay warm whilst fishing. Ideal for the dedicated fishing fanatic. Heated Wader Pocket Socks are specifically designed for those cold days fishing on the bank, boat or beach.


Heat Factory Heated Slipper Socks

Heated slipper socks by Heat Factory. Heat Factory's slipper socks feature a special pouch over the toes for mini warmers, ensuring toasty feet. Slipper socks available in mens, ladies and youth sizes.

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