Heated Thermal Mittens with thinsulate insulation

Thermal mittens perfect for every day use. Special pockets on the mittens can take disposable mini heat packs for additional penetrating heat in cold temperatures. A heated thermal mitten in minutes!

Each pair of thermal mittens includes one pair of mini heat packs free. Simply insert into the special pouches on the mittens for extra warmth and comfort to the hand.

All mittens are suitable for men or women. Say good bye to cold fingers and hands with the winter mittens. Not looking for thermal mittens? See our mens and ladies heated thermal glove range.

Thermal Mittens Feed - Thermal Mittens

Heat Factory Heated Thermal Ragg Wool Glove

Mens and womens high quality fleece lined ragg wool gloves by Heat Factory with retractable thumb and finger pouch. These ragg wool gloves are perfect for every day use, but in colder temperatures a special pocket in the cap takes disposable mini warmers


Heat Factory Heated Thermal Mittens

Heated thermal mittens with a special pouch to hold disposable mini heat packs for additional penetrating heat on those cold days. Thermal inner glove with retractable mitten cap. Thinsulate insulation.


Uniheat Heated Thermal Mitten

These dual layered Uniheat Thermal Heated Mittens are made from quality polar fleece with water repellant surface. The unique warmer pouches on these thermal mittens hold mini warmers that directly release heat to the entire hand.

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