Heat Factory Heated Fingerless Sports Glove

Heat Factory heated fingerless sports gloves. Wind and water resistant fingerless gloves perfect for fishing, bowls, bowling, golf or anywhere finger dexterity is required.
This product is currently not available.

Deluxe heated fingerless sports gloves by Heat Factory.


Wind and water resistant fingerless gloves with a strip dot over the palm for a firm grip.


Special pockets on the back of the glove hold disposable mini warmer heat packs for extra warmth and comfort when required.


One pair of disposable mini warmers are supplied FREE with each pair of fishing gloves!


After removing from the outer, simply place the warming heat pads in the pouches on the mitten caps for ten hours of penetrating soothing heat to the fingers.


The air activated mini warmers supply eight hours plus of penetrating heat for those extra cold days.


A perfect winter fishing glove, golf glove, or any other sport or activity that requires finger dexterity.

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