Terms and Conditions

1. The wholesale account holder confirms that he or she is actively engaged in the business named and are currently operating from the business address given at time of registration.

2. Wholesale log in details and access to wholesale pricing are confidential and not to be passed on to third parties.

3. Private individuals may not make purchases.

4. Any wholesale account holder is deemed to have purchased for business use and is not considered to be a private consumer.

5. Any wholesale account may be withdrawn without notice at our discretion.

6. Wholesale accounts that are in active for a period of 60 day or more may be automatically suspended by our site software.

7. Title of wholesale goods purchased shall not pass to the wholesale account holder until full cleared payment as been received.

8. We will collect, process, and or use the information provided by the wholesale account holder for the purposes of administering the customers account and processing wholesale orders.

9. You may not re-wholesale sell our products, or advertise products as “wholesale” on websites or other marketing materials without prior approval.

Goods for sale through this website are intended for and sold on the condition that they are for retail re-sale, commercial or industrial use only.

10. You may use all product images on www.heatpacksuk.com for marketing purposes. Product descriptions however must be edited and made suitable for retail re selling.

11. No drop shipping, products will be delivered to the account holders address only.

12. By accepting these terms and conditions of use, the wholesale account holder agrees that it shall indemnify us in respect of any liability, loss and damage, including but not limited to consequential loss, or liability suffered by any third party. The wholesale account holder agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified all loss or damage, legal fees and costs incurred by us resulting from a breach of this clause.

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