Uniheat Shipping Warmers

Uniheat Shipping Warmer Heat PacksUniheat Shipping Warmers continue to be the number one heat pack for shipping or transporting tropical fish, reptiles, plants, orchids, corals and more!  Uniheat shipping warmer Heat Packs are available in 20, 30, 40, 60 and 72 hour durations. Apply online for wholesale prices on Uniheat Shipping Warmers.

Toe Warmers

Toe Warmer

Keep those toes toasty with Heat Factory toe warmers. Slimline and self adhesive, this pair of toe warmers provide 6 hours of heat to cold toes.

Foot Warmers

Uniheat Foot warmersUniheat foot warmers are especially designed to work in a shoe or boot. Foot warmers are slimline and provide welcome relief from cold feet. They last for upto 6 hours.

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Heated Ragg Wool Gloves

Heated Ragg Wool GlovesMens & womens heated ragg wool gloves by Heat Factory. Instantly turned into a fingerless mitten when required. A special pocket over the fingers takes mini warmers for additional heat in cold temperatures.

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Uniheat Mini Warmers

Uniheat Mini Hand WarmerMini warmers perfect for inserting in hats, gloves or pockets. Uniheat mini warmers provide instant heat that lasts for upto 8 hours, simply remove from the packaging. Two mini warmers per outer.

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Heated Thermal Hats

Heated Thermal Hats & HeadwearThe Heat Factory range of heated head wear provides penetrating heat to the ears and head with pockets for slimline mini warmers. A heated hat in minutes.

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Heated Thermal Socks

Heated Thermal SocksHeated thermal socks by Heat Factory are the answer to cold feet. Socks ideal for everyday warmth and comfort. When temperatures fall, special pouches house slimline foot warmers provide penetrating heat to your feet.

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Heat Packs & Warmers
Heat packs by Uniheat and Heat Factory. Instant heat packs provide a cheap and convenient way to keep warm whilst indulging in cold weather outdoor pursuits and are an invaluable addition to survival packs. Warmers last for several hours.

Instant heat packs provide welcome relief for suffers of long term conditions such as Raynauds Syndrome.

Heat Packs & Warmers

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