Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap

Hot and cold therapy wrap offering soothing pain relief. This universal hot and cold therapy wrap is suitable for many body parts.
This product is currently not available.

Introducing the Deluxe Universal Support Wrap for the application of hot and cold therapy.

The Deluxe Universal Wrap includes one re useable 11.5cm x 25cm hot / cold pack and one 7.5cm x 65cm elasticated belt complete with velcro tab.

The soft ice pack remains supple when frozen for allround contact to the body part. Store in the freezer and then insert into the pocket on the wrap to apply cold therapy.

The soft ice pack also doubles as a heat pack for applying heat therapy.

Simply pop the soft ice pack in the microwave for 30 seconds on the lowest setting and insert into the pocket on the wrap to apply soothing heat therapy.

The Deluxe Universal Support Wrap is suitable for use on limbs, joints and more.

This deluxe universal wrap offers soothing pain relief from sports injury, headache and migraine, arthritis, muscle ache, bruises, cuts and scrapes, swelling, sprains, strains, body pains, and more.

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