Back Shoulder Knee Wrap

Back Shoulder & Knee Wrap including two reusable hot or cold packs. The Back Shoulder & Knee Wrap provides soothing pain relief with hot and cold therapy.
This product is currently not available.

The Back Shoulder & Knee Wrap includes two reusable 6"x9" hot or cold packs.

The Back Shoulder & Knee Wrap measures 7" x 20" and is secured comfortably on the body part with a 3" x 27" elasticated velcro belt.

This wrap is designed to be used on the shoulder and upper back area, and also comfortably fits many other different parts of the body like the knees.

Soothing pain relief for the back, shoulder, or knees from, insect bites, cuts, grazes, swelling, muscular aches, sports injuries, sprains, arthritis and more.

The hot cold packs provided are re-useable. For cold therapy simply pop in the freezer and insert into the pockets on the wrap. The packs stay supple upon removal from the freezer for ultimate comfort and most effective contact with the injured body part.

To apply heat therapy, simply pop the packs into a microwave for thirty seconds on the lowest setting, insert into the pouches on the wrap and secure comfortably on the body part.

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