Heat Factory Helmet Balaclava

Helmet or hard hat Balaclava with four mini warmer pockets. Streamlined design for ultimate comfort and warmth in the coldest of conditions.
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What makes Heat Factory's Extreme Helmet Balaclava different from all the rest on the market? Warmer Technology!


Heat Factory added pockets over the ears, chest and back of neck to take disposable mini warmers for ultimate warmth and comfort in extreme conditions.


This helmet / hard hat balaclava features a streamlined design to fit comfortably under any helmet or hard hat.



Balaclava Includes 2 pairs of Heat Factory mini warmers FREE!

• 4 Warmer Pockets
• Flat Lock Stitching
• Thick Breathable Fleece
• Streamlined Helmet Design
• Smooth Lycra Binding

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