Thermal Heated HatsHeated hats and head gear by Heat Factory.


Beanie hats, balaclava, face masks and head bands. Latest addition the Heat Factory heated helmet balaclava.


All thermal hats have special pouches to house disposable air activated mini heat packs for additional warmth and comfort in winter conditions.

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Heat Factory Heated Balaclava

A Balaclava by Heat factory made in soft comfortable breathable fleece. Balaclava has pockets over the ears that take disposable mini warmer heat packs for additional heat on those cold days. One pair of Heat Factory warmers are included.


Heat Factory Heated Beanie

Heat Factory heated beanie hat has pouches over the ears that hold mini heat packs for additional warmth and comfort on those cold days. Mens / Womens beanie hat.

You Save:  20.00%

Heat Factory Heated Face Mask

A soft breathable fleece face mask by Heat Factory. Pockets over the ears hold disposable mini warmers for additional warmth on cold days. Perfect for those wearing head protection such as a hard hat or helmet.


Heat Factory Heated Head Piece

The Heat Factory head piece protects your ears from cold without blocking the ear canal. Special pockets for disposable air activated mini warmers are located on the chest, back, and top of head.


Heat Factory Heated Headband Blaze Orange

The Heat Factory heated headband houses two pockets over the ears which hold disposable mini warmers. High visibility orange headband.


Heat Factory Helmet Balaclava

Helmet or hard hat Balaclava with four mini warmer pockets. Streamlined design for ultimate comfort and warmth in the coldest of conditions.

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