Heat Pads

Heat Pads and Heating pads by Uniheat

Heating pads or heat pads provide convenient portable heat. Air activated heat pads are simply removed from the packaging for instant heat.

Mini Heat Pads

Our mini heat pads are sold in pairs and last for eight hours. Mini heat pads are most often used as a pocket warmer, glove or hat warmer.

Self Adhesive Heat Pads

Self adhesive heat pads provide 12 hours plus of heat. The heating pad is removed from the outer, the backing removed and the heat pad attached to the inner of clothing. Perfect for use as a body warmer heat pad, and commonly used as a pain relief heating pad, for cramps, aches and pains.

Comforting infrared heat provides pain relief to the, shoulder, neck, arm, knee, abdomen or wherever else you choose to position the heat pad. Excellent heat pad for back pain.

Toe Heat Pads

Toe heat pads are half moon shaped with a self adhesive backing. The backing is removed and the pads are attached to the socks under the toes. Designed especially to operate in a shoe or boot, toe heat pads provide comforting relief from cold toes.

24 Hour Heating Pads

Our multi function heating pads are again air activated and provide 24 hours of heat when removed from the packet. These heating pads are mostly used as a hand or body heating pad, and are a welcome addition to any survival or medical pack.

Foot Heating Pad

Foot heating pads are sold in pairs. the pads are slimline and fit comfortably under or over the toes, or in the instep of the shoe or boot. Feet heat pads provide welcoming relief for sufferers of cold feet.

Shipping Heat Pads

Shipping heat pads are used throughout the world for the safe shipping of reptiles, tropical fish, orchids, tropical plants, live foods, spiders, amphibians, liquids, and other temperature sensitive consignments. Moist heat pads with a gentle, stable temperature. Often also used as a reptile heat pad in the event of power failure.

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