Uniheat 24 Hour Heat Pack Box 40

The Uniheat Multi Function instant heat pack is ideal for providing a continuous heat source for periods of 24 hours plus. Air activated disposable heat pack. Simply open the package and place in a pocket.
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The Uniheat Multi Function heat pack is ideal for providing heat for periods up to 24 hours plus.


Ideal for use as a hand warmer or body warmer.

The Uniheat Multi Function heat pack is air activated, and offers an excellent and cheap way to keep warm when indulging in outdoor pursuits, camping, fishing, skiing, climbing, working, to even watching your favourite team on the football terrace.


Simply open the outer and place in a pocket, allowing the warmer to reach a comfortable operating temperature.


This warmer is also perfect for therapeutic pain relief to ease aches, pains and sore muscles.

Invaluable as a heat source in emergency situations such as power outage.

Portable heat therapy for sufferers of cold fingers and hands. Pain relief from Raynaud's, Scleroderma, Lupus, Sjögren's, Arthritis and Myalgia.

Heat pack size 13cm x 10cm weight 78 grams