Heat Factory Mini Warmer

Heat Factory mini warmers are ideal for use as pocket, glove, hat or hand warmers. Two mini warmers per pack. Mini warmers can also be used in the Heat Factory thermal gloves, thermal mittens and hats.
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Heat Factory Mini Hand Warmers last 10+ hours.

Heat Factory mini warmers are ideal as pocket warmers, body warmers or hand warmers.

Warmers may also be used with Heat Factory heated hats, mittens or gloves, or any other place where soothing heat is desired.

Keep mini warmers handy in luggage, car, or gear bags for any time use. Warmers sold as pairs ONLY.

Air activated disposable warmer, simply remove the warmers from the outer, place in a pocket and allow to heat.

One pair of mini warmers per pack, disposable, lasting 10 hours


Warmer Height Warmer Width Warmer Depth
2.25 inches 3.5 inches .25 inches
57mm 89mm 6mm