Aquarium Silicone Clear 310ml

Aquarium Silicone Clear 310ml

Aquarium Silicone Clear 310ml

Clear silicon sealant. Aquatic safe silicone sealant especially designed for aquarium manufacture and repair.
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A Premium grade aquarium silicone sealant.

The silicone is fungicide and solvent free.

Suitable for all sealing applications in aquariums, pond liners and drainage piping.

Use to repair fish tanks, apply aquarium internal backgrounds. A silicone sealant also safe for marine and reef aquariums.

This aquarium silicone is a high modulus, acetic cure, 100% silicon sealant and adhesive especially designed for aquarium manufacture.

A fast curing silicon which is tack free in one hour giving extremely high early strengths.

Suitable for sealing PVC pond liners in koi and goldfish ponds plus supply and return filter pipes.

The aquarium silicone sealant requires the use of a standard sealant / mastic gun for proper application.

As a general rule allow aquarium silicone sealant to cure for one day per mm of glass when building or repairing aquariums and sumps before flushing with water.

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