Ankle & Foot Moist Heat Therapy Wrap

Ankle & Foot Moist Heat Therapy Wrap

Ankle & Foot Moist Heat Therapy Wrap

The microwaveable Ankle & Foot Moist Heat Therapy Wrap provides convenient and effective moist heat therapy for the ankle and foot. Soothing pain relief for ankle and foot injuries, aches and pains.
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The microwaveable Ankle & Foot Moist Heat Therapy Wrap has a velcro tab to attach it securely and comfortably to your foot or ankle.

Professional, quality ankle or foot wrap using therapeutic, non-organic beads that collect and hold moisture from humidity in the air. No water needs to be added to the wrap.

Because the beads are non-organic, they will never break down, decay, or develop an odour.

The ankle and foot wrap is constructed of soft, all-natural cotton fleece on the side nearest the skin, and an insulated multi-ply fabric with vapour barrier on the outside to direct the moisture and deep penetrating heat directly towards the ankle and foot.
Universal design for suitable for pain relief from arthritis and rheumatic pain, muscle strains & spasms, ankle and foot injuries, cramps and more.

This moist heat therapy wrap can be used on either the left or right foot or ankle.

Moist heat therapy is commonly prescribed for relief of chronic pain.

To use the ankle and foot wrap:

Fold the Ankle & Foot Moist Heat Therapy Wrap so the white fleece side is inside the fold, with the black side out. Place in a clean microwave, alone, for the recommended time period.

Remove from the microwave and test for temperature - if the wrap is too hot, allow it to cool before using. If it's not hot enough, refold and put back in the microwave for an additional 10 seconds. Retest.

Position the wrap on the ankle or foot and secure with the velcro tab.

The ankle and foot wrap will stay in place whilst delivering therapeutic deep penetrating moist heat and allowing freedom of movement.

For acute pain, use cold therapy during the first 48 hours and alternate with moist heat after the swelling goes down. Use moist heat or heat therapy for chronic pain. Please Note: Doctors typically recommend the application of cold or heat therapy not exceed 20 minutes at a time. Allow 20 minutes between applications.

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