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Whether it is for shipping warmers, pain relief or fish transport, we have what you’re looking for.
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Shipping Warmers

Uniheat Shipping Warmers continue to be the number one heat pack for shipping or transporting tropical fish, reptiles, plants, orchids, corals and more! Not only are Uniheat shipping warmer Heat Packs available in 20, 30, 40, 60, and 72-hour standard durations but we also offer exclusive 96 and 120 hour durations.

Colourful Fish

Fish Bags

Suitable for Garden Centers and Aquariums including for Koi Fish. These water tight fish bags offer a safe and secure way of moving fish from one place to another.

Snakescales Up Close

Reptile Bags

Reptile Bags are high quality, natural cotton bags perfect for moving your reptiles from one place to another, keeping them calm and safe during transit.

Mans Neck In-Pain

Personal Use

Uniheat Personal Warmers are a great way of treating injuries or just keeping warm on those cold days. Improves circulation, relaxes, and loosens muscles.

"Heat Packs UK provide a rapid delivery for vital heat packs for our tropical fish transportation."

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Nigel Sulley

"We have been using HeatPacks Uk from the very beginning of our business opening. They have provided a great service with their fast delivery timescales and their easy account ordering system makes it super easy to re-order with just a few clicks."

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Jade Turner

Director Cellar Marine Aquatics Ltd

We are pleased to say we have been using Heatpacks UK for many years and have always received a very good service with competitive prices. The Heatpacks ensure our fish have a warm and safe journey whilst in transit.

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Carl & Gemma

"We have been using Heat Packs UK for 6 or more years and have always found them fast and reliable at delivering products critical to our business. They’re clearly very customer focused."

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Essex Marine Aquatics

"We have been Heatpacks UK customers for the past 3/4 years and the products perform for the hours indicated. The customer service is very attentive and always sorted out the international shipping with quick delivery. We would definitely recommend it!"

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Martina De Besi

Insect Farm

"Heat Packs UK is the only place I use for our shipping warmers. Great prices and customer service with very speedy delivery."

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“We have been buying shipping warmers from Heat Pack UK for many years now, and have always found their products to be of a high quality and their service has never let us down… would not hesitate to recommend them”

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About Heatpacks UK

HeatpacksUK is a UK run business specialising in the equipment required for transporting temperature sensitive items, from pets and plants to chemicals and biomaterial. We are proud of the quality of the products we stock and the partners we work with and understand the safe arrival of your items are as important to you as us.

The team are here to help you with any questions or issues just drop us an email.

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